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Interactive Mineralogy DVD-ROM Support Website

Macintosh OS X

Lion (10.7.x) or later including Yosemite (10.10):

There is a DVD-ROM upgrade, version 1.1, available to support these systems. MSA Publications Online Store

Tiger (10.4.x), Leopard (10.5.x), and Snow Leopard (10.6.x):

There are no known problems at this time.

Windows 7

There are no known problems at this time. The information regarding the CrystalMaker® demo programs below still applies.

Windows Vista

Interactive Mineralogy, version 1.0, was developed before Windows Vista was out of beta. Therefore, Vista is not officially supported. However, the program appears to work fine in Vista with the following exceptions:

  1. The CrystalMaker® buttons in the program (and the database) may not start the CrystalMaker® applications.

Using the CrystalMaker® demo programs:

To use the CrystalMaker® demo applications on the DVD-ROM, "explore" the DVD-ROM to find the CrystalMaker folder and start the individual applications (WinCV, WinCD, and WinSC).

Within each application, open the mineral files in the "CrystalMaker Structures" folder at the top level of the DVD-ROM.

An alternative is to download the CrystalMaker® demo applications from www.crystalmaker.com/downloads. These demo versions can be installed on your computer and may be used instead of the demo applications provided on the DVD-ROM.

If Auto Launch fails when you insert the DVD-ROM:

Explore the DVD-ROM and double-click the Launch.exe application icon.

Windows XP

Problem: There have been rare reports that Windows XP SP2 may give an error message: "Drive:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function" when inserting the DVD-ROM. We have verified that the DVD-ROM is readable on other drives.
Solution: There may be some interaction with installed DVD-ROM burning software. Visit this Microsoft site for possible solutions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315350

Using the CrystalMaker® demo programs:

We do NOT recommend downloading CrystalMaker® Demos from the CrystalMaker website. Rather, we recommend using the buttons provided in our application (which start demo versions of the CrystalMaker® programs from our DVD-ROM).

If you have downloaded CrystalMaker® Demos we recommend that you manually start these demo versions and NOT use the buttons in our program. After downloading CrystalMaker® Demos, the buttons in our program may NOT always launch the downloaded programs; they may still use the demos provided on the DVD-ROM.

SingleCrystal button in the program does nothing:

This is because the files are not simply mineral files, but are specific to the page and figure caption. Since SingleCrystal cannot launch and open the file, the button is disabled. The SingleCrystal button in the Database opens the application, but does not open the mineral structure file. In this case, you can use the file menu to browse to the correct mineral file in the "CrystalMaker Structures" folder at the top level of the DVD-ROM.

64-bit Version of Windows

The DVD-ROM was developed as a 32-bit application. The DVD-ROM has been tested on 64-bit Windows 7 and runs fine. The DVD-ROM does not run on 64-bit versions of XP or Vista.

Other Windows OS

The CrystalMaker® demo programs are not supported on other versions of Windows.

General Issues and Suggestions

CrystalMaker® Support:

We do not provide support for the CrystalMaker® programs. For assistance, please visit www.crystalmaker.com/support.

Slow DVD-ROM drives:

If the performance of your DVD-ROM drives prevents movies from playing smoothly, you can copy the entire contents of the DVD-ROM to your hard drive.

Interactive Mineralogy DVD-ROM v. 1.1
©2012 by Dennis Tasa and his licensors
This DVD-ROM accompanies the textbook

Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy

Written by Melinda Darby Dyar and Mickey E. Gunter
Illustrated by Dennis Tasa

©2008 by Mineralogical Society of America

ISBN: 978-0-939950-81-2
Textbook published by Mineralogical Society of America


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