Earth’s Atmosphere and Its Seasons
What Happens to Incoming Solar Radiation? Quiz Sheet

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Provide correct answers to the questions and problems for the frames listed below:

  1. a    b    c    d    (circle one)

  2. ________________________________ (fill in the blank)

  3. does    does not    (circle one)

  4. a    b    c    d    (circle one)

  5. a    b    (circle one)

  6. a    b    c    d    (circle one)

  7. ________ % absorbed by land and sea

    ________ % absorbed by atmosphere and clouds

    ________ % lost to space (albedo)

  8. a    b    c    d    (circle one)

  9. a    b    c    (circle one)

  10. a    b    c    d    (circle one)

  11. 1st  ______________________

    2nd  _____________________

    3rd  ______________________

    4th  ______________________

  12. ____________________/ warmer

    ____________________/ cooler