Earth's Atmosphere and Its Seasons
What Happens to Incoming Solar Radiation? Worksheet

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  1. As solar energy moves through the atmosphere, it is  ____________________________________________,

    ___________________________________________, or  ___________________________________________.

  2. What is scattering?



  3. Reflection happens when waves    _______________________________________________________

    a surface they cannot   _________________________________________________________.

  4. About what percentage of solar energy is scattered to space by the atmosphere?    __________________

  5. Radiation that is reflected or scattered does not heat Earth.    True    or    False    (circle one)?

  6. When a water droplet absorbs radiation its temperature    increases    or    decreases     (circle one).

  7. About what percentage of radiation is absorbed by atmosphere and clouds?    _____________________

  8. About what percentage of radiation is absorbed by Earth's surface?    _____________________

  9. The amount of solar energy affecting the atmosphere and Earth's surface varies depending on

    ______________________________   and   ______________________________.

  10. What is albedo?



  11. What three factors cause albedo to vary?    ________________________________________

    ________________________________________    ________________________________________

  12. The albedo of water is higher than the albedo of snow.    True    or    False    (circle one)?

  13. The albedo of sand is higher than that of the forest floor.    True    or    False    (circle one)?

  14. Thick clouds have  ____________________________________________  albedos.

  15. Sun's rays striking Earth at a 10° angle have    higher    or    lower    (circle one)    albedo than rays at a 50° angle.

  16. When the albedo increases, there is more energy to heat Earth's surface and atmosphere.

    True    or    False    (circle one)?