Earth's Dynamic Surface Student Computer Lab Exercises

Jim Duxbury at Orrville High School in Orrville, OH has prepared some very helpful student worksheets that are designed to accompany Earth's Dynamic Surface CD-ROM. There is one set of exercises for each section of the program. You may also want to check out his website at

Introduction Computer Lab Exercise Groundwater Computer Lab Exercise
Weathering and Soils Computer Lab Exercise Desert and Winds Computer Lab Exercise
Hillslopes Computer Lab Exercise Glaciers and Climate Computer Lab Exercise
Rivers Computer Lab Exercise Physiographic Province Tour Computer Lab Exercise
Coastlines Computer Lab Exercise  

Jack Erickson and Sylvia Lewandowski at Cienga High School in Vail, AZ created a great set of notes/worksheets for their students to use as they go through Earth's Dynamic Surface CD-ROM. Just click on the link to open the pdf on our web site. You may print them for use in your classroom.

Earth's Dynamic Surface Worksheet

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